There follows below a short introduction to the world of Gecophonic Productions, kindly supplied by Mr Geoff Laughton of ‘Curious Effects’ picture weekly.

Although it’s history begins in 1898 with the development and construction of electrical devices that capture, reproduce and manipulate the ‘medium of sound’, it is not until 1962 that Gecophonic became a well known musical recording company with the release of their first long playing record, Gentle Journey by Fallow. (GEph001)

The principal members currently behind Gecophonic, Mr Paris Green and Dr Lettow-Vorbeck are oddly reclusive. Residing in the ‘curtain-draped studio’ somewhere within the basement area of Clinkskell’s infamous Blank Workshop, their reluctance to explain the methodology behind their music, and refusal to grant interviews has given the duo a certain aura of intrigue among the more flowery members of the journalistic profession.

Gecophonic's release schedule is erratic as they simultaneously produce music for both public consumption and commercial use. Additionally, in 1966 Gecophonic Sound Books were introduced which provide a small range of spoken word recordings. These include successful recitals of popular children's literature, and a less popular selection of self-help and home hypnosis records.

Over the years a distinctive mixture of traditional instruments adapted with electronic filters and effects has come to typify the Gecophonic sound. However it is this reliance on technology that has given their commercial endeavours something of a critical reputation, and led to the majority of their output remaining an acquired taste.