Due to the current discourteous situation, Cindy Numerator (senior Blank Workshop logistician & actuarial sibyl) has deemed all MWC postal sales to be temporarily suspended, thus minimising risk to TRANSMAT operatives. You can still kindly purchase items via the BW giftshops, but they will not be dispatched until May 4th. Of course Bandcamp / Boomkat downloads remain unaffected ~


Thank you for your esteemed cooperation in this most unseemly matter. Take goodly care of yourselves, be excellent to each other & stay frosty!


An INDUSTRIAL SYNTH RAVE ISOLATION MIX has UPPED on Mixcloud ~ TWO HOURS of moody electronica, 80s synthpop, antique Computer Game Muzak, Drexciyan Funk, Industrial Breakbeat & Frenetic Rave-Up with assorted asides PLUS unquestionable cheese assortment. It's all made of gold ~



Oh! A very limited reprint of the 2020 SPECTRAL MONTHS CALENDAR has just manifested! Order from t'areet giftshop with deft expediency if you mist-owt : last time ~ TA


Oh! Today is unquestionably the 33rd of November. As the traditional celebrations are dutifully undertaken, if you swerve majestically towards the MWC Bandcamp page you CANNOT FAIL to notice Somewhere A Fox is Getting Married (VULPINE REDUX EDITION) (GEpH005LPX) has DULY MANIFESTED ~


The EXTRA FANCY 24 TRACK download-only VULPINE REDUX edition of this oft Download-requested 2011 Royal Wedding souvenir special contains the original album plus 12 BONUS TRACKS of alternate takes / extended versions / tangentially related & quirky MWC audio peripherals!

Making it a more palatable proposal for anyone who may have already kindly obtained a version, the new VULPINE REDUX tracks total 47 minutes in length, were composed 2006-2011 and have been lovingly exhumed from t'Blank Workshop vaults + FRESHLY MASTERED for 1919/2019.

Somewhere A Fox is Getting Married (VULPINE REDUX EDITION) also contains hi-res new + original LP cover artwork, facsimile 1911/2011 A3 LOVELY DAY 'press release' and some bonus imagery too! Have a listen for yourself to t’owd newness and mayhap consider a purchase.


AY 'tis almost certainly 29/11/19 and quite possibly (although someone predicted that was next Tuesday(?)) 33/11/19 ~ CAVITY SLABS (GEpH013LP) release day! Massive FANX to all who did t'kindly pre-order ~ HUGELY appreciated!

You can still obtain this trans-dimensional rush-up artifact at t'owd BLANK WORKSHOP giftshop IF YE FANCY TA

UK ~ www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page5.htm

EUROPE ~ www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page6.htm

REST OF WORLD ~ www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page7.htm

PLUS 'tis also now at our pre-furred Mancunian electronic online muzak emporium Boomkat, where sound-clips, EDWARDIAN GORETEX write-up & pics kindly dwell ~



Oh! The CAV CAL BUNDLE + 2020 SPECTRAL MONTHS CALENDARS have sold owt! Many thanks to all who kindly made a purchase. There may be a limited re-print of the 2020 SPECTRAL MONTHS CALENDAR arriving shortly.


Oh! PSYCHEDELIC SPIRIT SHOW (GEpH012LP) has now SOLD OWT! Many thanks indeed to all who kindly made that purchase! A digital version dwells moodliy on t'MWC Bandcamp page, navigate via below link if YE FANCY TA ~



As slyly-whispering tendrils of lilac fog entwine, eternal woodlands pout & bristle, wind-carved seascapes subliminally confide and distant limestone gorges sweetly sing, a NEW Autumnal-winter LP offering from t’MWC has been both delightfully unearthed and exquisitely summoned!

CAVITY SLABS (GEpH013LP) features the most focused, hocused MWC Momentum Musicke conjured thusly far! 8 SLABS of deftly-hued long-form Northern Edwardian-Neo-Elizabethan Psychedelic Hallucinatory Occult Landscape Breakbeat (NENE-PHOLB(?))!

These all propulsive, melodious, occasionally roughly-hewn SLABS of MWC tuneage are exceptionally ideal for traversing ancient moorland, rounded hills, plateaus, valleys, burial mounds, gritstone escarpments AND potentially edifying home-ritual requirements!

This lovingly-crafted LP contains minimal text and maximum illustration to potentially allow myriad esoteric interpretations. But if at any time you are in doubt ~ COAX ANCIENT VOICES FROM THE LANDSCAPE

Accompanying CAVITY SLABS is the 2020 SPECTRAL MONTHS CALENDAR! After the 2019 edition became one of the most requested items of Blank Workshop emanation, a follow-up was deemed inescapably inevitable!

This A4 size edition features a disorienting array of MWC VIDEO JAMMED imagery ~ 100% extracted from painstakingly spliced freeze-frame VHS tapes, then deftly sugared-up and simmered together in a unique MWC VIDEO JAMMING (in both signal-blocking / home economical senses) style! Surely a first in the barren-confines of the un-tapped empty echoing calendar marketplace.

Featuring 28 130gsm A4 silk stock full-colour ‘double-spread’ pages incorporating 12 months and a DISTURBING BONUS FEATURE, the 2020 SPECTRAL MONTHS calendar is certain to provide a perplexing, off-kilter wobbly unsettling talking point for the entirety of the / a forthcoming year(s)!

Stock is, of course, reasonably limited in quantity, so do order with ample expediency to avoid potentially enervating eternally mild disappointment.

ADDITIONALLY order CAVITY SLABS and the 2020 SPECTRAL MONTHS CALENDAR together in the CAV CAL BUNDLE and you’ll receive a FREE A5 350gsm extra wonky VIDEO JAMMING POSTCARD!

One of 6 randomly selected hallucinogenic designs! While the stocks they do last!

PLUS we are exceedingly excitedly delighted to unveil perhaps Thomas ‘but I don’t exist’ Haywire’s finest OCCULT HAUTE COUTURE creation so far ~ t’new MWC TRIPPING IN THE ELIZABETHAN SENSE T-Shirt!

INFUSED with a distinctly unique uncanny midnight-blue vibe, this beautifully printed Blackberry Heavy Gildan T-Shirt has proven to be an immediate success with 97% of all supernatural entities that have languidly gazed upon it! AND will UNQUESTIONABLY provide up to 37% protection from ALL Neo-Elizabethan Fever-Gonk Sorceress manifestations!

The TRIPPING IN THE ELIZABETHAN SENSE TS also features a rather fetching neon pink MWC sleeve-print LOGO! Your mark of esoteric quality and refinement since 1596/1898/2006. Stock is *reasonably* limited ~ but there should be enough for all!

PRE-ORDER ALL / ANY OF REET NOW for a 33/11/1919 / 29/11/2019 RELEASED DATE if the FANCY kindly TAKES YOU ~

UK ~ www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page5.htm

EUROPE ~ www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page6.htm

REST OF WORLD ~ www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page7.htm



AY ~ NEW MWC (6 months in the baking) EVP MVP MIX has just ecto-coughed up on t'Mixcloud ~ 90s beats / plentiful EVP derangement / customary radio-play splices / telly Horror-VOX grot spices. Click below if that sounds palatable TA ~



Oh! As CLEARLY, UNQUESTIONABLY defined on your indispensable SPECTRAL MONTHS calendar, today is almost certainly the 31st/33rd May 2019/1993 ~ GHASTLY GARDEN CENTRES release day(s)! MASSIVE FANX to ALL who kindly pre-ordered ~ 'tis MUCHLY appreciated! Those bereft of GGC (and CATMASK) can, OV COURSE, still procure at t’owd BW Giftshop if t'FANCY takes ~

UK ~ www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page5.htm

EUROPE ~ www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page6.htm

REST OF WORLD ~ www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page7.htm

ADDITIONALLY copies of GGC have now sprouted up at our fav Mancunian Musikal Emporium Boomkat! extended audio snippets and a purchase potential await TA ~



Oh! GGC badges have now SOLD OWT TA


A new MWC CD has erupted from overly-fertile and craftily cultivated Clinkskell soil!

GHASTLY GARDEN CENTRES (GEpH012CD) expertly nurtures-up a coagulating environment of sinister herbaceous borders, stifling hothouses, eerie polytunnels, ornamental tat, rain-damp paving and rum pet areas all inexorably infused with the heady-bloated bouquet of rancid creosote, unstable pesticides, special promotion compost and what could be cheese toasties wafting in from the over-priced and under-staffed cafeteria.

Dedicated to those working in garden (and quite possibly) all retail, GGC plays out like a NOW CD that’s been trapped in a glove compartment for far too long. 22 three minute chart hits from a quagmire dimension provide what could be the most accessible MWC release to date! As the tune-friendly beat-filled GGC tendrils take root between your ears you could almost (almost) be experiencing an eternal motion-sickness Sunday afternoon Top 40 countdown c1993. Almost.

Delightfully presented in a swanky full-colour 6 panel reverse-board digifile, GHASTLY GARDEN CENTRES is your indispensable accompaniment to ALL future / past gone-to-seed Garden Centre weekend wanderings!

PLUS if you can hold your nerve for a total immersion GGC h’experience there’s also an ALL NEW GGC INSANE WORK-SHIRT T-SHIRT! This robust uniform features a highly specialised design that *may* allow cross-dimensional employment opportunities and features a ludicrously verbose OVER-SIZE BACK-PRINT ~

The FOREST GREEN Heavy Gildan T-shirt is professionally screen-printed in SICKLY PESTICIDE MUSTARD YELLOW and offers 32% protection against OWL ROT on alternating Sundays.

Stock is reasonably limited and will not appear again. If you do decide to make a purchase and the item has evaporated, then, of course, your payment will be refunded within 24hrs.


Alongside GGC is a very special entreatment ~ the first issue of CATMASK magazine!

After 14 years of electro-magnetic on-line presence, numerous archive BLANK WORKSHOP / CLINKSKELL / MWC ephemeral articles have finally been hoovered up together and formed into a 48 page full-colour exceptionally fancy art-filled magazine!

Accompanying these old-time friends CATMASK also contains LARGE QUANTITIES of never-before seen HEXCLUSIVE imagery from 2002-2007, all lovingly left-alone / tidied / spruced-up as deemed (in-)appropriate.

A veritable treat for the long-term MWC fanatic or inquisitive newcomer, CATMASK is delightfully printed on tip-top 130gsm Matte Silk (whoever he is) paper with a 300gsm Matte Laminate (whoever he is) cover, and took even our exceptionally well-staffed Blank Workshop / publishing house team MANY MANY months of dedicated shift-work to enable its majestic completion.

CATMASK is reasonably limited in quantity and available to pre-order REET NOW from the Blank Workshop online giftshop(s) on its jolly jack jones OR as a splendid GHASTLY MASK BUNDLE alongside t’new GGC CD for a special price!

~ Initial GHASTLY CAT BUNDLE orders even contain A FREE 38mm GGC BADGE! Caw Blimey! While stocks last etc ~


33/05/93 / 31/05/19

RELEASED DATE if thee fancy takes ewe TA ~

UK ~ www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page5.htm

EUROPE ~ www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page6.htm

REST OF WORLD ~ www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page7.htm




This composite of 50 well-known, over-blown, almost unknown and homegrown 60/70s Library-Psyche-soundtrack tunes will subconsciously provide the purrfickt accompaniment to any festive /non-festive (preferably supernatural) soirée you may find yourself manifesting into. And it's all totally in-comp-re-hen-sible!

Click below if YE FANCY TA ~



YE GADS & STAP ME VITALS! A 'sooner-than-predicted' soothsayer-replenish of the MWC MAGICKE LOW/GO T-Shirt hath manifest! ORDER REET NOW if a fashionable fancy takes ye TA


HALLO FRIENDS ~ today is delightfully, feverishly, erratically and non-unconditionally the 33rd of November, 1967. Of Course! PSYCHEDELIC SPIRIT SHOW release(d) day! Tumultuous FANX to all who have pre-ordered, 'tis much appreciated!

You can still obtain this PRIME GPD (Ghost Party Delirium) item at the owd BLANK WORKSHOP giftshop IF YE FANCY

UK ~ www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page5.htm

EUROPE ~ www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page6.htm

REST OF WORLD ~ www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page7.htm

PLUS 'tis also now at our pre-furred Mancunian electronic online muzak emporium Boomkat, where sound-clips, write-up & pics kindly dwell ~



Ah, yes ~ the 2019 MWC SPECTRAL MONTHS CALENDAR + MWC MAGICKE LOW/GO T-Shirt have now both SOLD OWT at the owd BW giftshop(s)! Many thanks indeed to all who kindly made a purchase. For obvious reasons the 2019 calendar will not be getting a reprint (until we enter the AD:9102/6105 Mirror Dimensions). However the MAGICKE LOW/GO T-Shirt *may* be providing a second visitation at some point in the newly year TA.


Listen friend, I know ~ a new MWC LP — PSYCHEDELIC SPIRIT SHOW — has escaped from the confines of DERANGEMENT 33:11:1967 and into your own dimension!

This long-player contains the most melodious-experimental MWC musicke to yet manifest, ladled with the finest CORRUPTED PSYCHEDELIA and enlivened with enough baffling-deft TEMPORAL MIXING to potently confuse the aeons to come!

Rhythms from one tune debone themselves and shimmy off-kilter into another, whilst eerie mood-melodies unfurl with uncanny switched-on-off-on languidness. Smart, sweet, unsettling ~ an elaborate Pop-painting carousel! Be-dazzled before it’s too late!

This artefact has been designed in full Monochromic Wonderment, and features a fully-illustrated reverse board inner-sleeve (the Original MWC standard) along with a huge A1 POSTER containing PAN-DIMENSIONAL imagery that only qualified DPM Operators should confidently unfold!

Complimenting this release is the 2019 MWC SPECTRAL MONTHS CALENDAR! Due to numerous threats / erroneous rituals an A3 profusely illustrated MWC calendar has manifested to accompany the forthcoming *checks chronometer* year!

Delight / cower as 12 different spectral entities from the MWC/BW archive embody each month in exemplary full-colour. Printed on 12 170gsm silk pages and with a 350gsm silk front cover, this uncanny-delightful date-keeper will indubitably provide THE talking point for ANY 2019 midnight cocktail-soiree sophisticated magickal get-together.

Reasonably limited in stock, the 2019 MWC SPECTRAL MONTHS CALENDAR also contains a download code for an hexclusive SPECTRAL MONTHS MIX ~ 40 minutes of the finest (mostly) ambient MWC musicke. Delightfully blended into one extremely eerie soporific seance sequence jam-packed with unrealised, classic, variant and possibly even future MWC CLASSIC tracks!

After years of polite hectoring, Thomas 'but I don’t exist’ Haywire has finally conjured up possibly the last word in OCCULT HAUTE COUTURE ~ thee NEW MWC MAGICKE LOW/GO T-Shirt!

This ‘oversize print’ Black Gildan Heavy t-shirt is screen printed in a lovely light grey ~ purrfeckt to accompany all your monochromatic misadventures and *DISCLAIMER* may be infused with familiar spirits, so please be-decked out responsibly.

Stock of this item is also reasonably limited. If you do decide to kindly make a purchase and the item has evaporated, then, of course, your payment will be refunded within 24hrs.

Please accept our apologies for any potential inconvenience. Possible options for any further manufacturing undertakings will also be provided.


UK ~ www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page5.htm

EUROPE ~ www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page6.htm

REST OF WORLD ~ www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page7.htm


After 12 years of increasing Royal Mail postal charges, we have reluctantly had to create a new EUROPE online giftshop for all of our splendid, varied, valued and reasonably numerous European customers.

Therefore if you live in Europe, and would like to make a purchase from the Blank Workshop, please visit the following page ~


As before, all prices include postage & packing. Thank you for your kind attention in this matter.




Ye Gads! It transpires t'CATEARED CHOCOLATIERS LP/BOARDGAME hath now SOLD OWT and no longer exists as a physical entity. Many thanks very much indeed to all who kindly made a purchase of this delightful-bewilderment artefact.

For those interested in Digitalis Obscura, The miasmic muzacke doth linger upon t'MWC BLANDCRAMP PAGE:




A veritable sponge cake of two halves ~ one side the usual unusual MWC extreme jam-packed audio detritus jams, all lovingly spliced with AMPLE telly-vocal funk nonsenseese, the other an almost smoothly-joined selection of the finest INDUSTRIAL DANCE muzak!

Veering from eerie-step classics to Ambient Dub Cheese (and nowt wrong with that) the SUMMER THRESHOLD mix will undoubtedly serve as the finest Solstice Shenanigan Selection of 1928 for those that KNO! If you fancy. TA

Clickee ~ https://www.mixcloud.com/MoonWiringClub/summer-threshold-mix/


Oh! 3 New-Owd MWC Back Cat releases have manifested upon our B(l)and C(r)amp page ~ CATEARED CHOCOLATIERS, CLUTCH IT LIKE A GONK and making a glittering digital debut, the oft-requested CLUTCH IT LIKE A GONK (GONK VERSION)!

If this sounds just your cuppa, clickee below for CAT CHOC GONK digitalis obscura ~



Due to excessive, tumultuous demand (at least 4 people), a revised 2018 2nd edition of the unquantifiably lauded WHEN A NEW TRICK COMES OUT I DO AN OLD ONE gamebook has now been printed to quench the feverous clamouring!

Featuring minor text corrections and all new illustration variants, the 2016 edition of this 'Fighting Fantasy / Choose Your Own Adventure' style gamebook SOLD OWT in surprisingly reasonable time, so pinch yerselves awake in order to procure a new copy if you missed/mist owt before!

Limited copies are obtainable from t'MWC bandcamp merch page REET NOW TA ~



An isolated MWC track 'Staircase House' has been included on a compilation ~ 'Present at the Terminal' via new label Modern Aviation.

The comp features numerous other artistes in a variety of fine flavours. You can procure the individual track digitally and/or the whole endeavour on delightful Tape Cassette via their Bandcamp. ~



Fine Friends! A non-festive festive treat / threat has emerged upon us ~ the ROUTLEDGE DEXTER SATELLITE SYSTEMS MIX is manifested UP on Mixcloud! This could be the most splendidly-deranged MWC mix so far, aches of archive splicing took place in uncontrolled conditions in order to deftly embroil a disjointed, propulsive, murky + melodic slice of almost radio-play ultra-paste. Some audio favourites from 'this' year even made it. Some audio favourites from 'next' year even made it. If that sounds like your potential fancy, kindly clickee HERE TA ~



Oh! Not only are we ALMOST OWT of the 1896/1976/2016 MWC LP ~ EXIT PANTOMIME CONTROL ~ the dystopian pantomime occupants held in place by its temporal shielding are ALMOST OWT from our realm to yours! Increase effectiveness of resistance by obtaining a final copy from t’giftshop exceedingly soon TA


DEAR ALL ~ Today is unquestionably, demonstrably, unequivocally 31/11/17 ~ CATEARED CHOCOLATIERS / TANTALISING MEWS release day! Multitudinous FANX to all who kindly pre-ordered this kaleidoscopic nonsense-delirium, it really is very much exceedingly appreciated! Orders continue at the OWD ONLINE GIFTSHOP ~

UK/EU ~ www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page5.htm

USA/Rest of World ~ www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page6.htm

REET NOW if you are tentatively-pondering a MWC musicke-object delve.



Dear Friends! 2 ALL-NEW MWC items have manifested to sate even the most confusion-demanding of appetites!

CATEARED CHOCOLATIERS (GEpH011LP) is an LP of the most splendidly experimental MWC Musicke so far. Originally-fresh and sprightly compositions are slurred, smudged and smeared. Fragmentary voices become instruments that loop and unfurl to catch up with themselves, whilst Formaldehyde Beats© chug unhealthily around the lingering remnants of rhythm and carpet-dustily clog-up all the autumnal sunshine.

Musicke such as this could only have escaped from a dreame, and it’s accompaniment to an interactive board game exquisitely highlights this delightfully disembodied nature.

If you’ve ever found yourself attempting to traverse a confectionary realm of fancy, where rolls of knock-down carpets merge into ominous gaslit alleyways, and lumbering-crumbling slabs of toffee collapse in the distance ~ all-the-while anxiously attempting to catch the last train out of town (you know you’re going to miss) then CATEARED CHOCOLATIERS will simply make purrfect sense!

For everyone else, this beautifully designed LP with FULL COLOUR FOLD-OUT A1 game board, full rules of play and 6 character cards, will recreate that experience with such sweet, uncanny exactitude you’ll soon be juggling your CATLERY© with uninhibited abandon as the FEAST OF BLUE DUSK flickers fleetingly in front of you, before eternally ebbing away inside a reverberating squall of misty laughter.

TANTALISING MEWS (GEpH011CD) is an ALL-NEW double CD of MWC, housed in an exceptionally fancy bespoke reverse-board oversize 6-panel Digifile thematically derived from that slightly out-of-place street in your hometown you pass every day but never go down.

DISC A contains 22 tracks of finely honed beat-driven kaleidoscopically melodious Musicke to infectiously infuse any inter-rail odyssey or extensive ramble around deconsecrated housing estates. All the unexpected expected unique MWC tricks and traits are proudly unfurled alongside a confusingly-coherent fresh confidence of purpose derived from over a decade of following idiosyncratic pathways whilst maintaining an uncanny ear for variations within the distantly revolving dance-floor.

DISC B contains 22 tracks of drifty-dreame environment and mildly mildewed melody, a sweet-smelling feathering fog of wistfully romantic and unsettling moods, prescribed as a unsettling sleeping draught taken underneath a much-loved lavender blanket. Long-form beat-free compositions nestle charmingly next to a gaslight spirit-web of sly disassociation and mnemonic trickery. Ghostly apparitions wave from far-away lilac window-frames, and the fancy figure forming out of midnight-mist in the apple orchard looks really weirdly familiar.

When the laughing stranger in the supermarket inevitably points an exquisite claw, the lady behind you in the post office queue displays a vulpine smile, and the gardener’s whiskers bristle with feline vitality, you’ll be eternally thankful for your familiarity with all the occupants of TANTALISING MEWS.

For those ordering both CATEARED CHOCOLATIERS and TANTALISING MEWS an ADDITIONAL LOCATION (postcard) for the boardgame will be included!

PRE-ORDER for a 31/11/2017 release date (1st December in some Time-Frames) ~

UK/EU ~ www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page5.htm

USA/Rest of World ~ www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page6.htm

For all items please allow 7-10 days delivery for UK, 7-21 days for Europe, and up to 28 days for the rest of the world.




3 New-Owd MWC Back Cat releases have manifested upon our B(l)and C(r)amp page ~ EXIT PANTOMIME CONTROL, LEPORINE PLEASURE GARDENS (LP VERSION) and A FONDNESS FOR FANCY HATS (TC VERSION).

It is of potential interest to note that A FONDNESS FOR FANCY HATS (TC VERSION) has been FRESHLY MASTERED for 2017 by Jon Brooks and sounds rather delightful.

If this sounds just the ticket for ewe, clickee below TA ~



LISTEN TO ME MY BEAUTIFUL FRIENDS ~ A new MWC MIX hath coagulated upon Mixcloud! Stream ANXIOUS HEART for plenty of unusual usual musical favourites, curious voices PLUS unorthodox juxtapositions. Yew kno ~ the good stuff! If ye fancy ~



Reverse Un-plug t'jukebox and do yourself a favour ~ a new BELBURY POLY & MOON WIRING CLUB 7" is forthcoming on GHOST BOX!

Continuing previous antique collaborative confabulations, A Side ~ THE MUSIC ROOM is borderline TV Detective theme muzak of flamboyant delectation, whilst B Side ~ MOONLING was deftly conjured up during the Summer Solstice to satisfy ALL midsummer impish requirements!

Release date is 17th February, 1817 / 2017. Pre-orders + aural clippage can be located below IF YEW FANCY TA ~



A Moon Wiring Club BAN(NE)D CAMP site hath now activate! After numerous (at least eight) requests, selective releases from the MWC B(l)ack Cat are now available in high-quality downloadable flavours ~ including some previously vinyl-only releases.

Further items will be forthcoming once archive operatives have deciphered the labyrinthine intricacies of the BlankWorkshop retrieval system.

Click with deft frenzy if appealing ~ www.moonwiringclub.bandcamp.com/

If you already have kindly obtained the ‘Today Bread, Tomorrow Secrets (After-show Supper Edition)’ LP and would like a digital version, please contact the Blank Workshop and a suitable DL code will be sent to you gratis within 7 days.


The WANTCOIDOO GAMEBOOK has now SOLD OWT ~ many thanks to all who kindly made a purchase.


Very few copies of the WANTCOIDAOO GAMEBOOK now remain! If YOU are in the mood for 185 encounters of MWC oddness effusively elaborated across 48 full-colour pages, then mayhap saunter to the owd Blankworkshop Gift shop with ample rapidity.


Oh! It's most certainly WHEN A NEW TRICK COMES OUT, I DO AN OLD ONE / EXIT PANTOMIME CONTROL (GEpH010CD / GEpH010LP) release day! Many extended thanks to all who kindly made a pre-order and / or verboten verbatim 'bout it all online ~ the courtesy is, as always, very much appreciated.

Copies of the new 3xCD / LP can now also be found at online electronic muzak emporium Boomkat, currently the only other UK MWC stockists with sufficient temporal shielding ~


OR continue to drift right through the walls to the owd Blankworkshop online giftshop ~

UK/EU ~ www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page5.htm

USA/Rest of World ~ www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page6.htm


Oh! It transpires that antique magical LP artefact LEPORINE PLEASURE GARDENS (GEpH008LP) has now SOLD OWT at the owd Blankworkshop Giftshop! Many thanks to all who kindly made a purchase.


The rumours (?) are TRUTH! MOON WIRING CLUB have now been operating for AT LEAST a full decade within your selected time frame, and to celebrate we have some extremely fancy multi-dimensional releases!

Depending on which reality you currently inhabit, you can experience WHEN A NEW TRICK COMES OUT, I DO AN OLD ONE (GEpH010CD) ~ a huge TRIPLE compact disc set of archive / unreleased / unearthed all-fancy MWC sounds to celebrate their 10th / 100th / 10,000th year of functionality!


you can surreptitiously seek shelter inside the Clinkskell Playhouse for EXIT PANTOMIME CONTROL (GEpH010LP) ~ an LP of all new MWC Musike, simply the perfect outlawed soundtrack for any collapsing theatrical realm! It's 7 O'clock at the Park and the curfew has started, the wyrd world of threadbare pantomime is your only chance of escape.


For those seeking complete stylish oblivion, there is ALSO a profusely illustrated 48 page WANTCOIDAOO GAMEBOOK ~ 185 (im)possible encounters that delve giddily into the FANCY CONFUSION world of MWC to provide YOU with a tantalising taste of the shimmering dream-space they potentially inhabit!

The BLANK WORKSHOP GIFTSHOP is currently operating across multiple dimensions allowing you to obtain all three items separately, or together in a variety of combinations, of even ALL THREE for TOTAL IMMERSION at a special price YOU (possibly) cannot AFFORD to MISS!

CEASE READING / BREATHING AND CLICK BELOW to PRE-ORDER for a 02/12/1896/1976/2016 release date (should t'FANCY take you) ~

UK/EU ~ www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page5.htm

USA/Rest of World ~ www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page6.htm

For all items please allow 7-10 days delivery for UK, 7-21 days for Europe, and up to 28 days for the rest of the world.







In unexpected and mildly interesting news it transpires that 'Why Does My House Make Creaking Noises?' (GEpH009LP) is now OWT OF STOCK at the owd BlankWorkshop. Additionally after a 5 year long-haul fell run, 'Clutch it like a Gonk' (GEpH005CD) has now SOLD OWT and is enjoying a well deserved blackberry macaroon. Many thanks to all who kindly made a purchase ~ 'tis much appreciated.


Oh! A MWC winter WRAP UP WARM Mix has drifted through the permafrost and is twinkling NOW on Mixcloud! Click below to stream copious quantities of synth, Library, Odd-pop, audio detritus & a few contemporary favourites, all frosted together with vocal embellishments beyond the call of Judy. PLUS contains wolves and flood conditions. TA ~



Oh! To celebrate the release of WHY DOES MY HOUSE MAKE CREAKING NOISES?, a new extreme peculiarity item of OCCULT HAUTE COUTURE has manifested from within the Blank Workshop ~ the 'Beware Counterfet Cranke' T-Shirt!

Created by Thomas 'He Doesn't Exist After All' Haywire, the BCC Cream on Cardinal Red Gildan Heavy Cotton T-Shirt authentically reproduces a highly distinctive MWC Jacobean Familiar with fancy oversize fervour! Brandishing an esoteric chronometer, this chthonic spirit will emblazon your torso with gusto and (possibly) allow detection of ALL 'Counterfet Crankes' currently operating within atmospheric confines!

Successfully path-tested by seasoned MWC operatives, this clothing item will unquestionably cause a sartorial warning-point for years and years to come!

As it transpires, stock of this item is reasonably limited. If you do kindly decide to make a purchase and the item has evaporated, then, of course, your payment will be refunded within 24hrs. Please accept our apologies for any potential inconvenience.

Proceed to the online giftshop if the fancy takes you ~

UK/EUROPE www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page5.htm

REST OF WORLD www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page6.htm


All copies of THE LOVELY DAY (Seasonal Bumper Number) have now SOLD OWT


It is DEFINITELY the 34th November 1625 whilst UNDOUBTABLY the 34th November 1985! (and probably 4th December). Which can only mean it is almost certainly ~ WHY DOES MY HOUSE MAKE CREAKING NOISES & PLAYCLOTHES FROM FARAWAY PLACES release day! BIG TA to all who kindly made a purchase and politely discoursed about it online ~ the courtesy in very much appreciated. Give yourselves a creme/faberge egg (depending on preference).

Copies are still available at the giftshop (although very low stock of THE LOVELY DAY remains) and also now with choice Mancunian esoteric musical emporium BOOMKAT, where extended visual/aural selections dwell ~



Ooo 'Eck ~ the A4 fancy art prints have now all SOLD OWT


The clock has stuck -36 which can only mean one thing ~ two new albums from the MOON WIRING CLUB ~ Why Does My House Make Creaking Noises? (GEpH009LP) and Playclothes From Faraway Places (GEpH009CD) have simultaneously manifested and are NOW available to pre-order for a 04/12/15 release date from the BW online giftshop ~

UK/EU ~ www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page5.htm

USA/Rest of World ~ www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page6.htm

Why Does My House Make Creaking Noises? is a deftly crafted fancy selection of Jacobean Electronic Musicke (JEM), perfectly composed to accompany plotting in secret rooms with the clandestine thought forms of a well-dressed ghost. Perhaps more concentrated than ever before, these 8 tunes will have you anxiously dancing with extreme vim as familiar spirits echo through the wood panelling ~ all aLIVE from 1625!

Playclothes From Faraway Places delightfully jacks immaculately turned-out-and-up midnight boogie-movie production into a 120-130 bpm 80s evocation of esoteric happenings within a fashion-house of unusual pursuits. These 22 tracks will have you twitching through an electro-pop body-swap of dislocated funk whilst containing enough of an extended ambient suite to allow out-of-depth contemplation!


As Jacobean peculiarities and 80s fashion mysterium seem to be entirely unconnected, certain kindly long-suffering dabblers may be concerned that these DUEL releases are entirely incomprehensible, even by past MWC 'standards'. In order to alleviate such concerns, a 12 page and extremely fancy GLOSSY BROCHURE bumper seasonal number of the LOVELY DAY has been painstakingly manufactured to allow an in-depth and entirely lucid explanation of these fresh goings-on. Profusely illustrated in full colour, this REASONABLY LIMITED item will almost certainly become a treasured heirloom for years and years and years to come!

PLUS For those kindly procuring the LP, CD and GLOSSY BROCHURE triple, there is a FREE GIFT of an A4 fancy art print ~ One of four randomly selected designs printed on luxury Matte 200gsm premium paper stock. limited quantities available!

HOP SKIP to the BW shop with ample expediency!












Oh! A new MWC SUMMER WINDOW MIX has manifested through the heat-haze! Clickee the link below in order to STREAM (no download) an hour-long selection of televisual treats and synthopic pleasers! This is a first Mixcloud test, others may be forthcoming.




Oh! To celebrate the release of LEPORINE PLEASURE GARDENS, a distinctive item of OCCULT HAUTE COUTURE has escaped from the Blank Workshop ~ the 'Who Are You the Ghost of?' T-Shirt!

Created by Thomas 'I wouldn't be seen dead in anything else' Haywire, the WAYTGO Orange on Black Gildan Premium Cotton T-Shirt reproduces that traditional Clinkskell greeting in a suitably unique font. It will undoubtedly cause a sartorial talking-point for years and years to come!

As it transpires, stock of this item is quite limited. If you do kindly decide to make a purchase and the item has evaporated, then, of course, your payment will be refunded within 24hrs. Please accept our apologies for any potential inconvenience.

Proceed to the online giftshop if the fancy takes you ~

UK/EUROPE www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page5.htm

REST OF WORLD www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page6.htm


A sad day for deltiologists ~ the LEPORINE PLEASURE GARDENS HEXCULSIVE POSTCARDS available with initial pre-orders of the LPG LEPPY BUNDLE have now all SOLD OWT. Many thanks to all who kindly made a purchase!


The rumours are of truth! A new Moon Wiring Club album LEPORINE PLEASURE GARDENS has leapt out of the (fancy) hat and into the welcoming arms of the ONLINE GIFTSHOP where it is now available to PRE-ORDER for a 12/12/14 release date:

UK/EUROPE www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page5.htm

REST OF WORLD www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page6.htm

LEPORINE PLEASURE GARDENS envelopes you within a kaleidoscopic attraction of charming fancy and consummate variety. For the determinedly discerning thrill-seeker there is the CD version ~ 22 tracks of splendid audio chicanery, often propelled by intricate rhythms and a newly devised complexity that precisely mirrors a half-remembered long-eared trance-speed world of warped dimensions and jugged kinetosis.

For the patient botanical connoisseur there is the LP version ~ Two intricately crafted long-form compositions baked full of impressively smudged and misty effects that will have you endlessly revisiting a slow-drift dream-tour of intangible garden realms: one by day, and one by night. Both are smothered in a rich, ethereal and satisfying syrup of narcoleptic blur.

Aye ~ both versions of LEPORINE PLEASURE GARDENS contain entirely different ~ but exceedingly complimentary ~ musical experiences.

For those kindly & intrepid enough to purchase both versions (A LEPPY BUNDLE) there is an added incentive ~ one of five randomly selected HEXCLUSIVE postcards! These limited enticements feature delightfully luminous reproductions of LPG attractions & experiences; Magnatrix Freeze, Raffling Street, Military Spirals, Only You Can See Me & Ariadne's Dreamhouse.

Which one will YOU find glaring eerily from the depths of a 12" cardboard envelope? ORDER NOW WHILE OUR STOCK AND YOUR SANITY LASTS.

For further partially enlightening information along with selected reviews and comment, venture swiftly to ~




Woodbines & Spiders has now SOLD OWT. Many thanks to all who kindly invested in our property portfolio. W&S will almost certainly return in 7/77/777 years time.


It's Friday 13th June, OFFICIAL Woodbines & Spiders manifestation day! The second release from Gecophonic Audio System Productions is attempting to crawl it's way into your ears via the Online Giftshop at this very moment! Many thanks to all who kindly pre-ordered.

We've 400 years experience in the property market. View our detailed portfloio here ~



Like a discarded shoe lobbed on top of a bus shelter, the next release from Gecophonic Audio System Productions has appeared ~ WOODBINES & SPIDERS (GASP!02LP).

W&S is the result of a seven year slow-motion collaboration between Mr Brooks (TAC/Ghostbox/CafeKaput) & Mr Hodgson (MWC) and contains a variety of expected, unexpected and infected slabs of music, all infused with the decaying delights of their surroundings, often fogged-up and coughing in the rain.

Utilising found sound and unfound sound with an extensive variety of outdated/futuristic synthetic instruments and obsolete/custom-built equipment, Woodbines & Spiders is a mouldy field trip of off-centre properties & musical-grot locations, many of which no longer exist, do not yet exist or never existed in the first place. Regressive voices slouch around and fields sag with unnatural gas. The insides are rotten while facades have a pleasingly unwelcome countenance.

You can have a rapid taste of W&S here

And sample the track Visitation here

Woodbines & Spiders is available to order NOW from the online giftshop for a 13/06/14 release date ~

UK/EUROPE www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page5.htm

REST OF WORLD www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page6.htm



The final batch of A FONDNESS FOR FANCY HAT tapes have now SOLD OWT. Many thanks to all who kindly made a purchase.


To celebrate SOFT CONFUSION, 'A Fondness For Fancy Hats' A3 Poster-prints are now available. A positive boon for any lonely wall!

Each print measures 30x40cm, is printed on high-quality 200gsm Matt-Silk art paper and will snugly fit within a UK/US A3-size frame.

Signed and numbered by the artist, you can choose between Silkie Astrolabe (CD cover), Sniook Egglestone (Tape cover) and Mouldsmoth Hall (Irrational Trust).

OR purchase both 'A Fondness For Fancy Hat' covers together. OR all three as a set! Or none at all. While stocks last!

If your mind is edging towards a purchase, maybe to cover up that disturbing mottling or perhaps as a charming gift for a deranged love, visit the Online Giftshop at ~

www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page5.htm UK/EU


www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page6.htm REST OF WORLD

While the FANCY takes you.


Just in/owt of time, the third and final batch of A FONDNESS FOR FANCY HAT tapes have now arrived and can be snapped up at the online giftshop.

While stocks/sanity last.


Oh! Like a owd brown cat carrying in a lightly-stunned white mouse and proudly presenting it upon the breakfast table, the second batch of A FONDNESS FOR FANCY HATS tapes have now arrived in stock.... and promptly SOLD OWT again.

All orders kindly placed before midday today have been posted off. A final, 3rd batch is due to arrive next Monday. Just after teatime. Those anxious to obtain this unintentionally illusive mammal may be interested in fumbling their way to Boomkat ~


where copies are still lurking and almost certainly not subject to an inventory hokey-cokey.



Dear All. Many have you have written to inquire exactly when 33/11/1903 will be. It was our intention that it would be today. However, due to an unforeseen oversight in the Blank Workshop precognition department, it transpires that TAPE copies of A FONDNESS FOR FANCY HATS have curiously all SOLD OWT. Obviously, we cannot have an album release day with this vital component missing, so it has been decided that 33/11/1903 will be postponed until a sufficient gaggle have been re-duplicated.

Anyone celebrating 33/11/1903 prematurely may be subject to an extended glowering and subsequent souring of the milk. Many thanks to all who kindly pre-ordered. As of this morning all orders have been posted off at the Clinkskell Post Of Ice.


Aye, 'tis TRUTH. A new MWC album 'A Fondness For Fancy Hats' has sprawled majestically out of the Velveteen World and is available to pre-order NOW at the online giftshop ~

UK/EUROPE www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page5.htm

REST OF WORLD www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page6.htm

There are two flavours for your potential delight.

The traditional CD version features 22 tracks of rarified CEEM and is simmered to perfection with a variety of tempos and freshly devised electronic tricks.

While a Limited Tape Cassette endeavour has been spliced-up over many moonlit nights in conjunction with SOFT CONFUSION for truly immersive long-form murky-sonic meanderings. This item arrives housed in a curious casing pressed from an original 1970s moulding, has the potential to be mistaken for a departed form of interactive entertainment, and, of course, will not be available in any other format.

For further opaque enlightenment, have an extended perusal of




Down to the Silver Sea is now OWT of STOCK at the Blank Workshop Giftshop. Many thanks to all who kindly made a purchase.

Copies can still be squirreled out at Boomkat, Ghost Box, Other Music and Mount Analog musical emporiums.


Notable news from across the herring pond ~ splendid Los Angeles musical emporium Mount Analog climbmountanalog.com/about/ are now kindly re-stocking a delightful number of MWC/Gecophonic titles, and also have a selection to distribute!

Therefore if you inhabit/operate an American musical boutique, and fancy some MWC-flavoured oddness, kindly inquire at Mount Analog who will happily endeavour to meet your Gecophonic requirements.


After an elongated gout-bout of tyromancy, the Blank Workshop divination department plausibly predict that 'Down to the Silver Sea' will be OWT OF STOCK reasonably soon. If you've been mulling a purchase over, then do consider swiftly pausing your paws over the giftshop.


Down to the Silver Sea is available to order NOW from the online giftshop ~

UK/EUROPE www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page5.htm

REST OF WORLD www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page6.htm

STOP CARRYING OUT YOUR INTENTIONS ~ Down to the Silver Sea has manifested! The first release from Gecophonic Audio System Productions. GASP! In-depth nonsensical information lurking here ~



Viewing guide




Today Bread, Tomorrow Secrets ~ available to pre-order NOW in the online giftshops ~ CD, LP & TBTS Birdy Bundle.

UK/EUROPE www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page5.htm

REST OF WORLD www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page6.htm

For Further TBTS information please follow the purple pathway here www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page32.htm and happy glistening!


It's almost certainly true ~ Today Bread, Tomorrow Secrets (GEpHoo6LP) ~ will be released on 33/11/12. Or perhaps even sooner.


It's almost certainly true ~ Today Bread, Tomorrow Secrets (GEpHoo6CD) ~ will be released on 33/11/12. Or perhaps even sooner.



Due to a recent increase in UK Royal Mail postal charges, we have had to slightly raise the price of some of our products. We have also created a new REST OF WORLD online giftshop for customers outside of the UK/Europe:


Therefore If you currently reside in America, Australia, Canada, Arcadia, Erewhon, Loompaland, Volsinia, etc please browse the WORLDWIDE online giftshop when considering a purchase. As before, all prices include postage & packing. Thank you for your kind attention in this matter.


Please find below the correct contents of 'Clutch it Like a Gonk' (Gonk Edition). Many thanks to all for their patience, and apologies for any erratic conjuring that may have inadvertently occurred in the meanwhile.


Oh! The latest edition of The Wire periodical (March 1912) kindly carries a review of Clutch it Like a Gonk. Eye-cast away!


Oh! Many MWC titles now find themselves housed across the herring pond within Other Music, New York, America.


If you find yourself there, or within walking distance from a nearby conurbation, do pop in and say 'Hallo' to the CDs/Vinyl in the racks. A purchase is optional. Thank you.


Oh! Limited quantities of a confusing 7" Vinyl single containing hexclusive versions of Always A Party & Infernal Devices have manifested themselves into the online gift shop:


pre-order for a 3/2/12 release date right NOW. If you fancy it.


For those with a taste for FLAC/MP3, esteemed online music retailers Boomkat now have 'Clutch it Like A Gonk' available in those D/L flavours ~



Oh! Canada's national newspaper 'The Globe and Mail' has rather unexpectedly reviewed 'Clutch It Like A Gonk', and what kindly words they turned out to be! Their rating system is either out of 4 Stars, or 38.


Oh! The kindly folk at FACT magazine have allowed the MWC 'Something' mix to delight and confuse here:


D/L or stream if you are in the right frame of mind.


Aye, tis true. A new Moon Wiring Club album CLUTCH IT LIKE A GONK has arrived, and is available to pre-order from the online giftshop:


And, Oh! Don't forget your miniaturised Gonk edition. That'd never do.

Happy Listening Everybody!

More Information is listed here:



That's certainly something.


Further Information theeveningeconomies.bigcartel.com/product/moon-wiring-club-live-in-bolton-1-10-11


Delightful news for the empty-walled folk ~ A Spare Tabby at the Cat's Wedding A3 Poster-prints sets are now available!

Due to (reasonably) popular demand, you can now relive the wondrous, hazy-days of yesteryear (2010/11) and gaze for hours at enlarged and extended idiosyncratic etchings of the confusing record with 3 highly decorative different covers.

Each print measures 30x40cm, is printed on high-quality 200gsm Matt-Silk art paper and will snugly fit within a UK/US A3-size frame.

Signed and numbered by the artist, each set costs a rather reasonable £20.00 (postage & packing included). There are only limited quantities available, they will not be reprinted, and they will be sent to you within a thick cardboard tube. The first MWC poster-print collection (from last year) sold out, so do consider a purchase with reasonably swift pondering.

If you'd like a set, maybe to distract friends during an awkward dinner-party or perhaps as a charming gift for a merry ancestor, visit the Village Giftshop at www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page4.htm while stocks, and indeed sanity last.


Oh! A kindly review of 'Somewhere a Fox is Getting Married' has turned up in the August edition of Clash periodical:


You delve inside your handbag and retrieve Almond Talbot's travel-sized Psychophon.
The strange, sweet sounds that issue from this antique device lull the puppet-creature into a swoon-y-state and you skip past into the hallway.

It is dark and very cold here. There are two large windows that look out across the neglected gardens. In the distance you can see a Moontower. The croquet lawn is now full of sunken horses, who observe you with laconic detachment.
Passing in front of a rotting mirror, you decide to quickly change your hair colour.

Midway through choosing which burgundy hue, you pause and notice several figures reflected there that are not within the hallway.

The figures are quite insubstantial, but you can just about make out the features of the nearest one, who resembles an enormous cat.

He calls out 'I saw you, Missis!' and the mirror turns to smoke.
Somewhat taken aback, you must act quickly or risk missing your tea.

Do you have a giant ball of wool?

If you have this item, turn to 5.
If you do not, turn to stone.

A lonely, free hexclusive MP3 has been glued into the Wire magazines most recent 'Under the Radar' online compilation:
Only If you have a subscription may you offer your 'Purred Applause'.
If you have no subscription, have patience.


'Somewhere a Fox is Getting Married' is now available in MP3/FLAC formation hexclusively via Boomkat:


For those that like their music. FOXY.


'An Audience of Art Deco Eyes' is now SOLD OWT. Many thanks indeed to everyone who bought a copy over the last 84 years. It will almost certainly be reissued, but as to what form that will take...


The rumours (?) are TRUTH! An all new total confusion Moon Wiring Club LP is available to pre-order NOW from the Blank Workshop Gift-shop.


Please your home with a HUGE poster of the slightly peculiar and highly detailed cover artwork, & excite your ears with a full-length LP of prime Confusing English Electronic Music in a variety of styles and tempos! It will provide a talking-point for years to come, and remain a cherished souvenir of an event that quite possibly never took place...



It is rather gloomy within the old house. Every room seems to be the wrong shape and full of peculiar carvings.The atmosphere is quite stuffy, with the distinctive, cloying aroma of burnt treacle.

In the corner of the billiard room is a large antique dresser. Slowly dancing upon this are an odd puppet-creature with an unsuitable animal face and a strange purple bird. You are not completely surprised when they both break into a smile and notion at you to sit in one of their dusty armchairs.

Unwrapping a boiled sweet you politely refuse, only too aware that these curiously cavorting creatures are after your teatime invitation card.

After a few moments have passed, the puppet-creature breaks off from his routine, whips out an enormous sandwich from his satchel, and shimmies forward. Somewhat taken aback, you must act quickly or risk spoiling your tea.

Do you have a distracting periodical?

If you have this item, turn to 328.
If you do not, turn to stone.

A lonely, free, MWC MP3 has been hooked onto the notable XXJFG site:
Steer your rented white Range Rover over THERE &'Kindly Cavort'.


Oh! An in-depth most-nonsense interview with something from MWC has kindly been conducted & hosted by FACT Magazine!
It's all most informative.


Oh! The 2nd edition of 'A Spare Tabby at the Cat's Wedding' has now arrived piping-hot from the bakery, and rather lovely it looks too!

We've always been interested in how new editions of novels almost always have a new cover, whereas CD/LPs rarely do, so this is in someways our rationale behind the trickery. It might not make optimum business sense for us to change production in this way, but if you can't derive a little enjoyment from your idiosyncratic working methods, then what's a mischievious temperament for, by Jove?

It's available from the online giftshop NOW and almost certainly from GhostBox & Boomkat within a week or two :)


Oh! Against all expectations the first edition of 'A Spare Tabby at the Cat's Wedding' is now very much sold out on CD! A sincere thankee and doffed hats a-plenty to all those who kindly bought a copy!

For those cursing the maresnest chicanery that caused them to miss out on this delightful item, take comfort in the possibility that there will indeed probably be a Second edition.

In the spirit of 'absence~normality' that we are stuck upon, it will have a different cover.


The music contained will be the very much same.
Due at the end of February 1911, all being. WELL! Oh!


A really rather charming review of 'A Spare Tabby at the Cat's Wedding' from the February edition of the Wire periodical:


YES. Oh! T'Club will be trapped in Oxford for one night lonely on Friday 28th January.

If you are also trapped in Oxford, manifest yourself to the Art Modern Gallery (from about 7ish), cough-up £3 (literally) and you can WITNESS:

TOP Resonance FM Stalwart the Time Attendant coaxing spooky drones from a variety of musical devices, while a murky 8bit landscape meanders along in the background!

There will be a short recovery period.

THEN! Hold on to something/somebody as you enter the intense-swirly B/W dreamscape of Winter Sun Wavelengths, a Ghost Box film by Julian House with Soundtrack by Belbury Poly and the Focus Group!

There will be a short recovery period.

For those still unconscious, the Moon Wiring Club will then totally STEP UP (sitting down) to perform their almost-professional 31min live set, to the accompaniment of some rather peculiar, long-forgotten video clips spliced together via arcane methods. Expect sluggish fizz-pop-hip-hop-rhythms, sinister occurrences, gloopy interludes and references to tea.

There will be no recovery. Period.

More information here::: www.modernartoxford.org.uk/whats-on/moon-wiring-club-and-time-attendant/about/ !!!


To celebrate and confuse, please feel free to download/stream the new MWC 'JAYSTON MIX' - Dedicated to Michael Jayston, and kindly hosted by the really rather lovely people at Pontone:


It's plenty odd! Have fun ewebody!

08/11/10: It's very much 'A Spare Tabby at the Cat's Wedding' release day! Order NOW from the online giftshop if you FANCY it. Have a Lovely Day.


Oh! All being well, you can pre-order 'A Spare Tabby at the Cat's Wedding' pretty much NOW from our online giftshop:


For details of what you are letting yourselves in for, have a peek here for some splendid advice...



We are delighted to announce that there will almost certainly be a new Moon Wiring Club album released in November, 1587.
It is entitled 'A Spare Tabby at the Cat's Wedding'. We cannot say at the moment what exact form it will take, as the details are reet cloudy.

But a compacted disc has been sighted, reflecting under the Autumn sunlight, while other shapes are, as we speak, whispering across the moorland under the stone-grey sky.

Keep ears & eyes open for further developments if the fancy takes you.


We note with interest a telegram from the Society of Unusual Pastimes (SoUP) regarding a recent discovery of theirs...


Due to reasonably popular demand, you can now 'download' MWC from popular internet peddlers:'itunes'. Use electricity, a glowing screen and a string of numbers, and nonsensical musical entertainment can be yours! Just 'Striped Paint for the Last Post' & the Ghost Box single at the moment, but the other two should be on by end of July.


Yes, it IS true: 3 delightful MWC/BW poster-prints have been added to the online giftshop! Now after your tour of Clinkskell, you can take away a larger set of visual souvenirs to alleviate any wistful feelings that may develop.

Each print measures 30x40cm, is printed on high-quality 200gsm Matt-Silk art paper and will snugly fit within a UK/US A3-size frame.
Signed and numbered by the artist, each set costs a rather reasonable £20.00.There are only limited quantities available, and they will not be reprinted.

If you'd like a set, maybe to brighten up that drab corner of the billiard-room or perhaps
as a charming gift for a deranged relative,Visit the Online giftshop
www.blankworkshop.co.uk/page4.htm while stocks, and indeed electricity last.


On the 2nd July (2010/1566) the splendid Ghost Box label will release a split 7" single on vinyl.
It features two peculiar collaborations between The Moon Wiring Club and Belbury Poly, and may cause strange sensations of deep confusion and diabolical enjoyment.
Any portals opened up during the playing of this artefact that lead to the Elizabethan era are the direct responsibility of ghostbox.co.uk and all enquires/ blame must be centred there.

If you feel you have the sturdy constitution/ dominant faculties to obtain to thee black daemon, you can pre-order here:


You can also order another 7" by esteemed Ghost Box artists 'That Advisory Board', which is Raspberry flavour.
If your 7" is not raspberry flavour, please contact ghostbox.co.uk as it's nowt to do with us.


On Wednesday 9th June, t'MWC have been kindly invited, and will indeed be playing a special guest DJ set at The Outer Church in Brighton, of all places.


You can expect a large selection of synth-based records to be played, almost certainly some telly themes too!



An Endless Teatime can be a very long time indeed, but Purveyors of Confusing English Electronic Music, the Moon Wiring Club, have selected a Confectioner's Radiogram of aural treats to accompany your 432nd cuppa.
Expect a connoisseurs earful of Library Music, Instrumental Hip-hop, adapted antique 8bit sounds, dusted electronica and saucy Synth-pop. All supremely buttered-up with a diabolical assortment of English voice snippets, and choice selections from the MWC back-catalogue tea-trolley'.

08/04/10: Oh! An interview with MWC on the internet? Click HERE: www.mixcloud.com/phantomcircuit/phantom-circuit-32-8th-april-2010/ For in-depth muttering about chequebooks, supermarkets, dodgy fast-food places and crop-rotation!!!

23/03/10: On April 1st (indeed) The Wire magazine are holding a 'Salon-type' event at Cafe Oto, in London. On the understanding the the occasion will be most like the Criminologists Club of 1897, The MWC will be performing a 20min LIVEish set, using one of their infernal devices! www.cafeoto.co.uk/thewiresalonapril.shtm


On Sunday, 28th March, The Belbury Youth Club will be taking place here: www.flatpackfestival.org.uk/event/belbury-youth-club
Alongside a splendid selection of hand-picked Ghost Box antique telly, the Moon Wiring Club will be performing their 31min LIVE set, to the accompaniment of some rather shoddy VHS clips spliced together via arcane methods. Expect fizz-pop-hip-hop, gloopy interludes and references to tea.


Would you like to download a 70minmixup from the Moon Wiring Club via the Wire website? Well click here...


...and you can have the rather lovely ASDA mix. Dedicated to Linnaeus... Under no circumstances listen to it on headphones whilst in a supermarket.


Well, this forthcoming Monday night (25/01/10), at midnight (GMT), someone, or something from the Moon Wiring Club will be reading a 25 minute 'spine-chilling' tale on Resonance 104.4 FM. Expect lo-fi sound quality, sub-audible mutterings, and the strainings of a cheap keyboard. The story in question is 'Minuke', by the inimitable Nigel Kneale. Afterwards residents of the Clinkskell area may be able to tune into the latest installment of Barty's Party.

For more information, clickee:


29/12/09: A delightful review of 'Striped Paint for the Last Post' extracted from the January edition of the Wire periodical:

13/12/09: In the spirit of a cartoon feature before the main film, the Moon Wiring Club did indeed support Broadcast, and what a delightful evening it turned out to be. Here are some mildly doctored low-quality video pictures:

30/11/09: Shhh! Don't tell anyone, but MWC might well be supporting BROADCAST for a potentially adequate one-off performance in Manchester next Tuesday (8th December).
It's at somewhere called the Deaf Institute. There should be a visual accompaniment of shoddy tv-clips from yesteryear.

23/11/09: Have a Lovely Day, the new Moon Wiring Club CD is here!

Additionally, the kindly and not-at-all sinister vicar of Belbury, has provided a delightful and most unexpected sermon upon the delights of 'Striped Paint for the Last Post'.


There's an extra special teacake in store for him this week, I tell thee.


The new Moon Wiring Club album 'Striped Paint for the Last Post' is due exceedingly soon indeed: 23/11/09. All being well, you can pre-order from the Online Giftshop NOW.

26/10/09: Now that the clocks have gone back, keep 'em peeled for forthcoming winter happenings & activities from within the Blank Workshop...


A new promotional video 'Melt it Down' has been added to the 'television theatre' page. Please enjoy this selection of old-time VHS clips, spliced together to accompany a new up-tempo musical number.


On Saturday, the 12th September, a member of the Moon Wiring Club will be performing a ceremony of aLIVE electronics at the above location, in Reading. (somewhere in the south of England).

If the spectacle of a bearded gentleman pressing the chunky buttons of a small black box to the accompaniment of rather obscure, vintage television appeals, please endeavour to arrive at the venue at the allocated time.

If nothing else, the additional performers of the evening; 'Timmy' Attendo, Dr. David 'Dolly Doll' Davidson, and the highly esteemed headlining 'Seal-land' should provide suitable recompense for any expenditure the evening may entail.


For those planning a seasonal holiday to Clinkskell, please be aware that 'The Lost Railway of the North' has been considered the wisest choice for travel. Do not attempt to journey by car. Country bus services may be subject to change in the near future.


If you are at a loose end this weekend, you could do a lot worse than visiting the electronic folk at Bleep43, who have very kindly asked the Moon Wiring Club to provide an hour long podcast.
You can expect to hear all manner of musical oddments, including library music, television themes and half-remembered soundbites and voices from vintage television. Much of it very badly-recorded, and all the better for it.

You can listen/download it here:


We recommend downloading it, transferring to a C60 cassette (BASF Chrome, if you have them handy) then using as an ideal accompaniment to an extended breakfast or evening meal.

29/11/08: A rather interesting review of 'Shoes Off and Chairs Away' has appeared in notable 'Uncut' periodical:

03/10/08: Shoes Off and Chairs Away is available NOW from the online giftshop. Orders placed will be posted off first thing in the morning by Servant Roberts. (After Toast, Marmalade and chocolate has been served, of course).

24/09/08: A new Moon Wiring Club recording entitled 'Shoes Off and Chairs Away' (GEpH002CD) is due for release this Autumn, probably around the time the clocks go back.

14/09/08: Further images have been released regarding the Wrong Kind of Wildlife. Please refer to the literature recently posted for identification purposes. Non-Clinkskell residents are to be informed that all pathways are now closed.

18/08/08: We have received notification that the Wrong Kind of Wildlife have returned to the pathways of Wombwood forest. Please consult the usual documents before undertaking any non-essential journey.

22/01/08: A new 'Reviews and Comment' page has been added to the site.

24/12/89: Before the Electricity

24/12/74: A new series of 'King Magpie's Court' is due for broadcast by Gelographic Radiotelevison in the spring of next year.

23/11/07: It appears that Stuart Maconie's rather interesting and splendid 'Freak Zone' will be playing something from the new Moon Wiring Club album this Sunday the 25th November, on BBC 6 Music between 5 and 8 o'clock in the evening.

We often find that this program is a delightful late afternoon companion for those sweet, gloomy winter Sundays, and have ordered extra biscuits for this potentially charming occasion.

10/11/52: The cattle in Mr Parson's North Field have been bewitched.

10/11/21: Robert Reinhold will no longer be collecting rainwater or cloud sketches in the town hall.

10/11/29: We in this hill are all alive.

26/10/07: ***Due to unprecedented demand, some customers may find that the online giftshop cannot complete their order, If this is the case please contact the Blank Workshop directly where we can arrange alternative payment. Apologies for any inconvience caused.***

07/10/28: The Moon Wiring Club are hosting an Evening Dinner with Musical Entertainment to celebrate their latest long-playing release. The event will take place at Saint Charles Hall on Saturday, November 22, 1976, or Saturday, November 22, 1928, depending on which side of the Borderland you approach the venue from.

01/10/07: The Blank Workshop online giftshop is now open. The first item to be available is the new Moon Wiring Club album, 'An Audience of Art Deco Eyes'.

24/07/49: The Blank Workshop giftshop will soon be opening with an online capacity. It will be run in the evenings by Miss Esme Stoker, shown here in her daytime occupation as proprietor of the Clinkskell village Storehouse.

13/07/13: A new Moon Wiring Club release will be available in the Autumn.

42/06/07: The Moon Wiring Club release 'I'm More Than a Memory Now' has now sold out. Many thanks to all of those who took the time to listen.

25/02/07: In an interesting turn of events, the national broadcasting radio station 'BBC Six Music' has played a recording by the Moon Wiring Club. The piece entitled 'The Stone Sun' was kindly aired by Mr Stuart Maconie after a chance encounter with Mr Paris Green in a northern social establishment. You can hear 'The Stone Sun' on the Blank Workshop's 'a Little Night Music' page.
Those interested in obtaining a recording of this evocative tune can find it on the latest Moon Wiring Club release, 'I'm More Than a Memory Now.'

11/11/11: The latest Moon Wiring Club release 'I'm More Than a Memory Now' has been made available on 'CDr' in limited quantities. The cost is £7.00 via UK cheque, which includes an additional item from the Blank Workshop & the postal charge. Please contact Servant Roberts for further details.

14/07/84: Gecophonic Productions have announced a new investment in recording equipment, allowing the
production of 'Compact Discs'. These miniature records can be produced in significant batches at a reasonable price.
At some time in the future Gecophonic Productions may release some of their archive recordings on this format.

08/06/66: Recording has been halted on the production of the new series of 'Analogue League' due to an industrial dispute over responsibilities relating to an electric clock.

02/05/12: Robert Reinhold will be collecting rainwater and cloud sketches in the town hall.

23/04/66: Recording has started on the lastest series of 'Analogue League' starring Henk McMurdo as 'Zodiac' and Jane Blatch as 'Zoe Aster'. For further infrormation please see the latest edition of Radio Waves.

07/03/48: Grey soil has returned to the orchard.

07/03/36: Grey soil has returned to the orchard.

19/02/23: The pathway through Lettering Woods is now clear. Any information regarding the removal of landmarks and shimmering sands should be sent forward to the council. Although discretion is among the councils watchwords, it is generally accepted that interference with local activities will not be tolerated.

03/02/89: The esteemed Doctor Lettow-Vorbeck would like to announce his continued interest in the Gecophonic recording process, and wishes to convey his best wishes to his respected colleague Mr Paris Green and family.

01/01/71: A very happy New Year from all the fellows of the Blank Workshop. May the Fruits of your heart blossom in 71!

30/12/52: Recent claims made by the Westington Times regarding the suitability of Scrumptytons 'Black Raspberries' sweets have been upheld by the district council. Reports regarding the materialisation of a 'goat-man' apparition after excessive confectionary consumption are deemed to be insufficient for the time being.

29/12/66: Miss Meret Jauk's debut novel is due for publishing this forthcoming July. It is tentatively entitled 'Gooseberry Eyes’ and is published by Insight.

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