A Fondness For Fancy Hats features Confusing English Electronic Music in its purest form, and while it slyly prises open an aroma of emotions that ranges from the wildly diverting to the divertingly wild, an additional flavoursome twist from interactive meddlers SOFT CONFUSION allows A Fondness For Fancy Hats to reach exciting new levels of enticing peculiarities.

As SOFT CONFUSION put it themselves ~

A sprawling world of skill and strategy is now theoretically available and you can join the growing number of unsatisfied customers who have yet to escape. This is no five minute wonder ~ you will be playing A Fondness For Fancy Hats for months over many years (we know ~ we have seen you in there).

‘A FONDNESS FOR FANCY HATS is the most decadent form of confusion I have yet experienced and my personal favourite of any entertainment on any format. It is an excellent view of what can be done in the field of interactive pastimes. The crowning glory of A FONDNESS FOR FANCY HATS is the moment of total bewilderment when faces continually form out of furniture and within patterns of old wallpaper to suggest different styles of head-ware that suit current fashion trends. It is a compulsive delight, although people who cannot take sessions of 19 days or so, which happened one happy September, will be grateful to know there is a 'save to tape' option. A FONDNESS FOR FANCY HATS has everything it could... The originators, SOFT CONFUSION, certainly deserve their name.’ ~ Ariadne Polwhele

‘I am writing to say what a great time I'm having playing A FONDNESS FOR FANCY HATS. I must have spent over 45 hours here! My favourite moment was when the satirical owner of SOFT CONFUSION appeared, amusingly changed faces with me and then presented copies of A FONDNESS FOR FANCY HATS to all my glamourous friends who may or may not have been slowly swaying like drunken pondweed at a dreamy party. So inventive! As soon as I find a mirror that works properly I'll certainly be telling them all about it.’ ~ Frieda Warbsley

‘When I first received A FONDNESS FOR FANCY HATS from a well-meaning relative I spent the best part of my twenties playing it. Since then I have returned to it for even longer periods. The truly addictive quality of A FONDNESS FOR FANCY HATS is the remarkable way it mirrors the real problems of a disassembling mind. Sometimes I suspect there isn't even a way out of here. But it's my own fault. You did warn me. I am completely lost within A FONDNESS FOR FANCY HATS.’
~ Julie Forgotten

‘I congratulate you for A FONDNESS FOR FANCY HATS ~ a marvellous experience which has kept me enthralled for a considerable amount of my leisure time since I recently inherited my grandfather's estate. Although I originally approached A FONDNESS FOR FANCY HATS with nervous trepidation and high anxiety, I have since found great comfort in the amusing oddness that SOFT CONFUSION have sagely provided. I hope to soon joyously coax the remaining members of my family into A FONDNESS FOR FANCY HATS, where the days pass in the blink of an eye and seasons scream past the window like an insane stallion.’
~ Pertinax Rattletrap