Oh! Hallo, and welcome to the Blank Workshop. Here you will find lucid and partially enlightening information about the Moon Wiring Club (noted performers of Confusing English Electronic Music), musical stimulants both audible and visual, a giftshop where you may obtain highly crafted items of unreasonable wonderment, and an extensive arrangement of ephemeral articles relating to the Blank Workshop and its curious Northern moortown location ~ Clinkskell.

Naturally, there is no charge for feasting your eyes upon this glittering maresnest of knowledge. We merely request that you espouse courtesy at all times by keeping footsteps upon the prescribed pathways and fingertips off the fancy fixtures. It's only civil isn't it? And, of course, exercise extreme caution when attempting to view during twilight hours. Oh! It must now be precisely the right time to luxuriously pour yourself into a lavishly upholstered seat, languidly sip a perfumed nerve-tonic and loquaciously eyepeep away!