Travelling down the crumbliest, flakiest tracker-trail on the outskirts of Clinkskell, one eventually finds the moody Mountains of Doubtful Stumbling. Nestling in this uneasy, mist-clouded place are the imposing buildings that once brought to this town a distinctive notoriety ~ those of Scrumptytons Sweet Factory.

Condemned in 1953 for the use of highly unusual ingredients, Scrumptytons has recently recommenced nocturnal production under the clandestine, abnormal applications of Servant Roberts, the infamous mechanical cat-bear of 1898.

Fuelled by an arcane power source and unknown motives, this anomalous automaton has reintroduced many of Scrumptytons’ bizarre confectionary lines to the highly specialised retailer.

Disclaimer: The Blank Workshop can accept no responsibility for the 'after-effects' , 'curious sensations' and introduction of 'night terrors' individuals claim to have experienced after sampling certain items of Scrumptytons produce.

Additionally we would like to make it clear that we do not endorse the undertaking of hallucinogenics and subsequent conversations with unseen feline acquaintances. (see news item 05/11/74)