“Experiencing difficulties with your Fenwicks Engine or Old Gloaming Oscillator? Then a delve into Radio Waves picture periodical could be on the cards for you!” Madame Vallaique 1948

Privately produced in the Blank Workshop by the eccentric aristocrat Lady Lufford-Karswell since 1919, this elusive publication has given the idle gentry an outlet for their unusual fascination with Lightsound Wave transmissions and the mysteriously pleasing effects that can be obtained from them.

It has long been thought that a subscription to Radio Waves is the reason why Baroness Wilsthorpe’s parlour room reverberates pleasantly with the sound of moonlight moving across the ocean, as only in issue 38 of the periodical has the celebrated Lunarloop Wiring system been documented.

Anyone intrigued by this splendid collectable and wishing to make a purchase without the requisite connections will find themselves within a maze of polite refusal and knowing glances.

However the majority of back issues can be found in most lending libraries.