Recently found in the Blank Workshop archive, 'The Quiet Teatime' (1970) was one of Gelographic Radiotelevision's oddest broadcasts.

Consisting of just four episodes, this evening drama featured the uncanny investigations of Penny Lumpkin, obsessive horticulturist, and owner of the magic lens, a mysterious device that captured 'scraps of time' and memories that were 'never repeated in the same place twice'. Her adversaries included the misguided Green Policeman and the sinister Mr Pegs.

Famously the programme came to a shock ending, when in the final episode 'A Rift Within the Lute', Miss Lumpkin married the unsuitable Hat-Stand Man. Although happily for many viewers, Miss Lumpkin returned in the follow-up series 'A Gardner's Labyrinth', which answered many of the questions posed by this formative run.

Featured below are stills from the opening titles of the second episode, 'All of a Heap'.