Broadcasting throughout Clinkskell from 1962, Gelographic Radiotelevision (GRT) has supplied the region with a variety of programs that reflect their interests and activities, and also has provided a wider auidience with a diverse selection of entertainments.

Gelographic programmes are devised and recorded at the Blank Workshop with a high degree of inventiveness and professionalism, made possible by unique in-house technology, dedicated engineers and esoteric designers.

This attention to quality has allowed the station national exposure, it is not only the inhabitants of Clinkskell that have enjoyed the thrilling series 'Mindsinc' (1967) or the unusual children's serial, '13 O'Clock Hallucinations' (1968).

Alongside GRT's well-known output are many hidden treasures. The natural history programme 'Antique Light' (1962-74) bewitched viewers with it's long, lingering and hypnotic depictions of the local countryside.

Curious communications were brought to life with the fascinating documentary 'Ghost Telegrams' (1966) and no person who witnessed the short lived 'Sciomancy Half-Hour' (1978) will forget the predictions made there that later came true.